11 days 10 nights

(Cairo- Luxor .Aswan Nile cruise)

Train or Flight

Day 1
(arrival cairo-meet & assist).
Day 2
(Giza pyramids-Saqqara-Memphis).
Day 3
(All Alexanderia sightseeings).
Day 4
(Egyptian museum-Coptic area-Saladin area).
Day 5
(high dam-Philae temple-unfinished obelisk).
Day 6
(Edfu & Kom Ombo temples)
Day 7
(Sailing in Nile river & cruise program)
Day 8
( valley of the kings-Hatshepsut-colossi of
Day 9
(karnak and Luxor temple).
Day 10
(free day shopping in Cairo).
Day 11
(Final departure to international Cairo airport).

Day 1
.on arrival exactly, you will be welcomed by warm meet and assist of our representative, and be guided by our tour guide the superior cruising by van with interesting in formations about Cairo city, nice places and stops wonderful things in Egypt. from airport to hotel. in hotel copy passport. fill r.c paper. stay overnight
Day 2
.after you have breakfast direct to see, the unique and incomparable 3 pyramids of Giza plateau, cradle of civilization you will smell heritage of 7000 years old. Cheops pyramid one of the 7th marvels registered in genius records as top 10 medicals on earth, but still mystery, touch pyramid. photograph stop.
.see from panorama total 9 pyramids, albuming and great fun and memory.
.(photo on camel)we give you chance to get you be included on camel 2 or 3 photos background pyramids.
.sphinx the body guard of that spacious necropolis narrate dreamy past times.
.valley temple with touch 3 major stones(lime. marble and granite) in where mummification process according to the geniuses doctor theory.
.Memphis the oldest capital in world-wide history, lying in base ground of the open museum the famous colossal statue king Ramses 2nd,he owns legendary biography. visit the second largest alabaster sphinx statue in Egypt.
.village atmosphere barbeque lunch.
.Sakkara the cemetery involved the earliest pyramid shaped to be 'step pyramid watch documentary audio visual program. the great photo stop green vegetation land. minister of Egypt the noble man tomb(mastaba pharaoh),incredible scenes and relifs depicted(birds hunting-sub water fishing-goldsmith-acrobats..
3rd dimension. extra step by step in king Titi pyramid, wonderful blue stars
and reincarnation.
family gardens, walk on bridge, yachts' area, fresh breeze, and royal (haramlek).it's harem of women rooms.
Day 3
after breakfast start early morning, driving 3 hours, approx 250 k.m to the pearl of Mediterranean sea (Alexandria).the prettiest city in Egypt. to see....
.(pompay's pillar)the biggest standing column on earth planet, awe-inspiring place
.(the enjoyable story scenario of queen Cleopatra).
.(cata-comb tombs) the Greco-roman burials under the ground,18 hundred years old. librant design, transformer goddess(medusa).Caracalla horse pones and 99
magical steps.
.enter to see the specification of the (sea-aquarium).
.get entrance for (the bibliotheca)the unlimited encyclopedia modern library.
.(sea food)in Portofino restaurant.
.cruising by car to enjoy watching Alexandria sea coast, wonderfully, it looks like Victorian necklace.
.(Montazah palace).the royal kingdom palace of the king farouk go to see yacht area enjoy cool breeze and haramlek palace and green gardens.
Day 4
-start program to visit the national Egyptian museum which contains the most world famous collection of treasures and art specially the grand gallery of the young chap king Tut Ankh Amun
- then to visit the Coptic area and the religious community the basilican style church the hanging church 1600 years old. The crypt of Jesus Christ as being his home in Egypt and his holy family. A good idea about a Jewish temple synagogue.
-Lunch at Tivoli restaurant.
- visiting the citadel area built by king Saladin dates back to the medieval ages inside it the alabaster mosque Mohammed Ali mosque
- go to the heights of moqattam hill to see panoramic view and big part of Egyptian map itís a great moment sunset time to farewell and goodbye Cairo.
Day 5
-arrival at train station at luxor meet and assist
-check in the cruise and lunch at restaurant at luxor city.
.on the east bank, the biggest, the most sophisticated and as well the richest temple in all over the world (karnak temple).and its twins (Luxor temple) have great fun and tour inside it,
.great time for horse carriage stroll luxor city.
Old and new winter palace
Day 6
.full board on cruise ship.
.(hot air balloon early morning).optional
.cross to west bank of Nile river unusual majesty of luxor the world main center of monument and man-race history.
.receive a happy lecture about (valley of the kings) and meditate by looking the mythological relieves and scenes inside the tombs.
.the monastery temple of (queen Hatshepsut), African style design, a wonderful informative, and very great photo-stop.
.2 colossi of Memnon ,troy battlefield hero. and what is the secret of the lamentation voice come up from these statues, every early morning at dawn time as a woman crying? love by lengthy distance..''.
.lunch with buffet on cruise.
.enjoy lovely program on the cruise.
Day 7
.sail towards Edfu visiting the best preserved holy temple in Egypt at Edfu city, the falcon god Horus temple, it's like open book high-enlightened pages of pharaonic scenes, so much enjoyable stories and mystical secrets reach with your imagination to story climax and unbelievable events of this dreamy location in our world.
.schedule of cruise ship to cross Esna lock.
.(it is a great chance have this moment to see by your eyes the ship goes up and down).
Sailing to kom ombo
.god Sobek the crocodile temple at kom-ombo,3 mummified crocodiles room, haroris the other twins temple, the great scene shows 'surgical instrumentsí, led by doctor street, the genius ness of medication and 12 months of the year calendar calculations.
.sail beside fertile green vegetation land.
Day 8
Early morning direct by car to the most miraculous temple exist in all over the world when the sun rays intersect on the face of king ramses 2 couple of times annually precisely 22 nd of October his birthday and 22 of February his coronation day with the great view of Nasser lake the biggest artificial lagoon in the world
then come back at lunch time to the cruise
Day 9
-check out and heading to aswan
.direct to high dam the greatest artificial dam project in all man kind history
.ride motor-boat to philae temple dedicated for goddess Isis, the legendary goddess of love, maternity, sex, music. Paris the love city in Europe, this name root from pr, Isis it means house of Isis. the temple on great quite island.
.who is the owner of the unfinished obelisk on great granite mountain 35mellion years old? big mystery
.lunch at aswan
.sail with oars felucca ride in Nile river, see thousands of seldom flowers and world collected trees on Kitchener island the amazing botanical garden, observe Aghakhan marble tomb, Nilometer and archipelago elephantine islands.
.relaxation and dinner buffet on cruise.
- train station heading to cairo
Day 10
free day
Day 11
transfer to the international airport


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